„In the event that a dispute has occurred between them, the involved Gentlemen or Officers are requested to duel outside the premises. In case of sudden necessity to slap the adversary’s face, you are kindly seek professional substitution from the waiter service.”


Warsaw’s now so different, as are her beats,
And the time has gone once and forever
When instead of treading the city’s streets,
You kept your heads in clouds––insane, clever.
But if someone should be truly ready
To hear echoes of the Warsaw-of-yore,
Catch a bag of memories, then get steady,
Pour, shake your glass, go on, have one, and more!
Who’s ever had a go, s/he must’ve heard:
This liquor is just for our customers.
They taste it now-a-days, right now––and, blurred,
The past and its spicy taste sure occurs.
The cuisine has to be part of your strolls,
A path of tastes, into fantasy land
Officers’ Staff on guard, all in their roles,
So you’re certain to take the chance at hand.
Have a good meal, drink well, and fantasise
In the ambience of the City that’s gone….
Have a go, take your chance, romanticise–
Tonight, At Wieniawa’s; your table’s done!

U Wieniawy Restauracja Warszawa
U Wieniawy Restauracja w Warszawie
U Wieniawy Restauracja w Warszawie

Evoking the spirit of Pre-war Warsaw

The officers’ cuisine à la polonaise refers to a culinary history that has daringly enriched the local tradition with the taste of the great world. The meals you know and like, prepared with calvalryman’s flair, are right there, waiting for you to pop in!
The extraordinary séance is run daily by General Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski himself––clearly, at his namesake table. ‘Wieniawa’ has never ceased to epitomise the-very-best in Warsaw’s gastronomy, and the most colourful in the city’s history. His whimsical imagination, sense of humour, smart wit and personal charm, all combined with the characteristics of a statesman, make us sentimental and longing for that past world.
Nobody else might ever be the patron of a restaurant in the heart of Warsaw, at the square where General Wieniawa once led cavalrymen’s parades before Marshal Józef Piłsudski, who is watching us today from his monument.
‘U Wieniawy’ is a unique restaurant, situated in the historical centre of the Capital City of Poland; our Patron would have from here just a few minutes’ walk to each of his beloved places in pre-war Warsaw – any of the cafes or restaurants Ziemiańska, Adria, U Wróbla, Simon i Stecki, Astoria, Bukiet, and a number of other, no less exquisite venues of the time.
U Winiawy Restauracja Warszawa kuchnia oficerska
U Winiawy Restauracja Warszawa kuchnia oficerska
U Winiawy Restauracja Warszawa kuchnia oficerska
Would we not fancy taking a look at each of these once-famous signboards? There is no better time machine than a good cuisine. Hence, when composing our menu, we are inspired by the likings of the illustrious gourmets of old Warsaw. Wieniawa was repeatedly ranked first among them all. Today, the path toward the Land of Culinary Fantasy, where you can taste some bites of a savoury past, will lead you to one of the tables at ‘U Wieniawy’.
‘U Wieniawy’ is a venue right for friends of the legend of the unique man and army officer, and there are so many such friends––as long the people who value high good cuisine, exquisite liquors, apt anecdotes and the powerful Polish fancy and flair may exist.

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