U Wieniawy Restauracja kuchnia oficerska keyboard_arrow_down ‘U Wieniawy’ is Poland’s only restaurant that has been inspired by the hospitality and ambience of pre-war Warsaw and its unique restaurant and clubs. Our patron is General Wieniawa, the exciting and colourful figure. We invite you to taste our unique Officers’ Cuisine, with flashbacks of the culinary history of Poland. „Kuchnia musi mieć coś ze spaceru,
ścieżką smaków w krainę fantazji,
Gdzie na warcie trwa sztab oficerów,
żebyś w życiu nie stracił okazji”
Ours is the only such restaurant all over Poland! The Officers’ Cuisine offers you references to the culinary history of Poland, with the native tradition courageously enriched with the taste of the big world. Everything you known and like, now prepared and spiced with a cavalryman’s flair!
Poland’s most interesting and eccentric figure of the 1920s and 1930s, Wieniawa epitomises the most exquisite gastronomy craftsmanship and the most vivid in the history of Warsaw. His imagination, fancies, sense of humour, intellect, cleverness, and personal charm, combined with all the traits of a statesman: all this, and more, you can find in our offer, the meals and ambience!

“Chased I’ve always been by Love’s three forces:
(Oh!) pretty women, cognac, and horses.”

Wieniawa, an epigram

‘U Wieniawy’ is a venue right for friends of the legend of the unique man and army officer, and there are so many such friends––as long the people who value high good cuisine, exquisite liquors, apt anecdotes and the powerful Polish fancy and flair may exist.

„In the event that a dispute-of-honour has occurred, the involved Gentlemen are requested to duel outside the premises.”

‘U Wieniawy’ is a unique restaurant, situated in the historical centre of the Capital City of Poland; our Patron would have from here just a few minutes’ walk to each of his beloved places in pre-war Warsaw – any of the cafes or restaurants Ziemiańska, Adria, U Wróbla, Simon i Stecki, Astoria, Bukiet, and a number of other, no less exquisite venues of the time.

„The primary freshness of the meals served is vouchsafed by the solemn parole given by the family whose room-and-board is provided by the Executive Chef.”

There is nothing that can offer to take you back in time more efficiently than genuine cuisine. In composing our menus, we are inspired by the penchants of the gourmets of the Warsaw-of-yore; the one who often commanded their platoons was Wieniawa himself. The famous General, poet, and ladies’ man was wont to say, „Pure vodka is the best choice, for it shall never stain your uniform, or honour.”

“Lancers, uhlans, wakey-wakey! At ease, shot-shot! Upright, shaky!….”

Every venue in Warsaw before World War 2 dreamt of Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski paying it a visit. Almost every one of them would swear, he was there, at least once. The whole of Warsaw saw him drink, never seeing him get drunk.
Now, you come and have a go––visit us!

Restauracja U Wieniawy w Warszawie
Restauracja u Wieniawy w Warszawie
Restauracja u Wieniawy w Warszawie
Restauracja u Wieniawy w Warszawie
Restauracja U Wieniawy w Warszawie
Restauracja u Wieniawy w Warszawie

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